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Add and Manage Departments


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  • Christine Morgan

    I am going to start here as I am not sure who to send to directly, other than the development team.  Currently, I am still getting acclimated to this system which I am digging (yes, I wrote digging).  There have been some training, changes and additions where technical support has graciously helped me.  The request I inquired about was on the voting system where it notes "YEA" instead of "AYE."  I manually change it on the final copy presented to Council but ask that this possibly be changed.  They do vote this way and I thought a quick change moving the "A" from one end to the other.  An idea for the future....  Thank you so much for all the assistance thus far.  

  • Lindsey Harmon

    Hi Christine Morgan,


    Thanks so much for your comment! We recommend posting requests for new or updated functionality in the Feature Requests section of our Help Center. Posts added to that area can be viewed by our development team, and other customers can upvote and comment on requests to show their interest as well.


    When you're logged into the Help Center, you should see a clickable "New Post" button in the Feature Requests section. Once you've clicked that button, you can add the details of your request and click "Submit," and it will be added to our Feature Request list.


    I have gone ahead and copied your comment over and tagged you in the post. Just in case you don't receive a notification email, you can also find the request here. You can click the Follow button on the post to receive notifications of any updates.


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